Friday, September 26, 2008

SEO strategy has been a focus for me lately. Many are now getting on board with the idea of attempting to reach the sweet spot in Google searches, page one. Strategies abound for this activity and I've employed many myself. Here's what I've found. Those folks who are willing to write in a journalistic style will succeed far better than those who post repeatedly with no style and rapid-fire posts to blogs and websites. 

That technique will help some but all said and done, it's like the energy problem. You have to do everything. Whether you are promoting homes for sale in Fullerton CA or Wichita KS homes you need to offer the search engines with innovative content. Use of natural language and somewhat more than just a summarization is the stuff the Google First Page Results  is made of. 

When you're ready to be seen on Google, I'm ready to help you.

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