Thursday, September 11, 2008

Temecula Web Design Service - When You Want Your Message Heard Now!

First things first, especially here in Temecula web Design where web design alone won't do anything at all for your business. You may have a well designed website but the Internet is a place where "If you build it they will come" Is far from true. Temecula, according to Google, is found on the Internet 2,390,000 times. The day I registered a website for a recent client, 75,000 other new domains were also registered.

You could use a strong voice on the Internet that can get your message out in time for people to act and purchse from you.

How is your website going to be found on the Internet? Is anyone going to call?
"Temecula" that's a really unusual name for a city isn't it? You might think that using the word Temecula in your domain name plus something about your product , say, would do the trick for you right? How many people have already used that strategy hmmm?

Today, Google reports 4,680,000 websites (just the .com domains) with the word Temecula in them! Go ahead, click it and see.

How is your Temecula Website going to be found on the Internet?

How is your Temecula business website going to be found on the Internet?

How is your current business campaing going to get noticed?

Successful Temecula web design should start with SEO. Have you heard of it? SEO is Search Engine Optimization, the practices and techniques used to get your particular message to the public picked up by search engines and placed before competitors on search results.

SEO gives you the perfect opportunity to do what the mail houses and demographics companies have been promising and delivering with partial success for years- reach a specific targeted audience who needs, wants and will buy your service or product.

Would you rather drive traffic to your website or bring business to your door?

Case study: EducationMy client Carla Wix. Carla is a Fullerton CA agent having newly joined Prudential California Realty in Brea. Carla contacted me for a website which I built in July. We then agreed to have me begin an SEO effort to see if we could get her listed early on Google.
The short story is this. Carla specializes in neighborhoods where she lives and targets people who want to attend some coveted schools that perform extremely well. You have to buy in the right neighborhood to get into those schools. Here is a Google search that matches that criteria. Check it out. Carla is the "Hermosa School Mom". At the same time I was engaged in this campaign, her competitor with a long established Internet presence was directly competing with my efforts to dominate the search engine. You can see his efforts to keep the territory he has dominated for years. Ask yourself which of those links many home buyers are sure to feel compelled to check out? Did you notice that one of those links is from a Craigslist post? Her message is loud and clear to her targeted audience.

Websites and web content on blogs and posts that are not SEO optimized are nothing more than expensive, time consuming business cards left on the counter.

You could use a strong voice on the Internet that can get your message out in time for people to act and purchse from you.

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