Sunday, September 07, 2008

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You're paying what for that phone system?

Having overseen several phone system projects using traditional vendors, I've observed relative small companies invest upwards of $30,000 on a phone system consisting of around 24 to 30 extensions. True, the system provides all kinds of reports and tracking, but the company could not use these reports in a meaningful way that tracked results of specific marketing personnel and campaigns. Custom reports had to be programmed for that purpose - another $12,000.

I too have a phone system with all the bells and whistles. I'm not engaging in any particular tracking but I can write a report any time I feel the need. Of course, that will require sql programming skill but I certainly didn't pay $30,000 for my phone system.

I paid $35.

Is this for real? Certainly. Open Source and IP Telephony have both come of age and this phone system proves it. Furthermore, I can unplug my phone, take it to any place with even a low quality broadband or Wi-Fi connection and I can talk as crystal clear as I can in my home office. Furthermore, my system is trunked to a peer system of a tech-partner and we dial each other with 3 digit extensions. Oh yes, then there is the phone bill. I do pay around .02 per minute for outside calls (not the 3 digit extension traffic), so that bill is really killing me! This contrasts to the aforementioned companies paying around $1500 per month for their phone bill. Now, let's be fair because I am paying $140 per month for my high bandwith business internet, but that could just as easily be a lower fee if it were only for phone use and not my web hosting. When I talk about business technology solutions, I'm really putting meat on the bones of all the talk about cost savings.

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