Monday, October 06, 2008

Foamers | Obscure Group Tied to Train Crash

The wierdest kind of fans, railfans include the kids who were texting with the engineer who crashed the train in LA. Many of these folks hang out in the Fullerton train station where about 100 trains a day pass. 

Most are just train junkies and none are dangerous, unless they're texting your engineer.

Who's fixing your plane?

Word is that 9 US airlines are farming out maintenance on aircraft at record rates. 70% of maintenance work is outsourced who knows where and oversight is nil.

Is that nuts or what?

Wichita KS Homes

The Boeing strike drags on with no end in sight. It's hard to see how this company can keep up their resistance against the union. Their stock has fallen to just above 50% of its 52 week high. It's dropped 11% in September alone. Despite losing far more in slowed productivity, the company holds out against its machinists. Homes for Sale in Wichita KS will likely start seeing the malaise other areas have suffered if both sides don't get back to negotiating.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Money as Debt

A few years ago, many of us looked at our homes like a giant piggy bank that just grew fatter and fatter. "Home prices will always go up", we were told. Homes for sale everywhere were rising in "value" daily. Liar's loans abounded and anyone could live the newly defined American Dream. 

The after effects of the "looneyesta" prescribed by lenders set in and turned the American dream into an American nightmare. Even the political campaign once heralded by both candidates as the new political positivism, has soured with blamed being passed round like a cross between a hot potato and a hand grenade.