Monday, December 15, 2008

Dave Keys recommends Mitchell Tire Service

Mitchell Tire Service in Anaheim, CA Firestone and Bridgestone Dealer on Lincoln

While there are probably only few degrees of separation between you and a crooked auto service somewhere in your experience, the inverse is absolutely true of Mitchell Tire Service in Anaheim

Dave Mitchell has been my mechanic for over a decade. I now live in Murrieta and still take my cars to him in Anaheim down on Lincoln Avenue. Why?

Here are a few examples of the integrity at Mitchell Tire Service in conversations I remember:

  • "Dave, you don't need those front brakes yet, You've got a couple thousand miles left on them. Why don't you drive the car for a while and check with me in another month or so?"
  • "I was able to get that part for less than I estimated so you saved some money."
  • "No charge for that- we always cover our work on that."
Mitchell Tire Service has consistently looked out for the customer first. That's been my experience for as long as I've known them.

Mitchell Tire Service Anaheim Lincoln Ave Firestone Bridgestone Auto Service