Friday, May 22, 2009

Tire Shops in Anaheim

I recommend Mitchell Tire Service to anyone any time.

Why choose Mitchell Tire Service? Family owned and operated for 37 years. Shuttle service available within a 3 mile area. Convenient key drop-off box.
After years of not ever recommending an "early" replacement of parts on my car from brakes to spark plugs, and only at my definite prodding, Dave Mitchell (Mitchell Tire Service) carefully agreed I might do better to replace all four tires at once. This advice was given while reassuring me that I did indeed have about 2000 miles left on my front tires and I didn't have to replace them yet. I decided to replace all four and I'm quite happy I did. The car stays much more true with four new tires at once. Even in these recessionary times, Dave looks out after his customer's needs first, ahead of his own bottom line.
I reccommend anyone get tires and service from Mitchell Tire Service

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