Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dissolved Air Flotation - A Solution Oriented Philosophy

Dissolved Air Flotation - A Solution Oriented Philosophy

The KeysTec philosophy focuses on problem areas that are too costly and ineffectively performing.
The KeysTec philosophy keeps solutions simple while increasing reliability
The KeysTec philosophy chooses low cost, easily obtained components for low initial cost and reduced, easy maintenance

The Coloseum in Rome

One common feature was the many tour guides insisting that Christians were not killed at the coloseum. Well, perhaps the evidence is scant- we can't exactly collect DNA and correlate those killed there. Romans had a penchant for collecting victims from all strata and publicly killing them in gruesome ways so I find it hard to believe that Christians were segregated from the other victims provided for the reality show entertainment of the masses.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

If the Romans had Phones

We took some underground train, got off, saw this guy on the phone and then stepped out and there was the coloseum just like that.

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Maui Ke'anae Peninsula 2005

I've been to this peninsula many times and I never tire of taking photos there. This one was taken in 2005. A click will give you the full sized photo.
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"Them Jews" Rings Through The Centuries

Reprehensible - Rev. Wright is simply echoing the feeling of Rome when Titus Vespasian erected the Arch of Titus after destroying Jerusalem in 70AD, fulfilling the prophecies of Daniel and Jesus. Titus is depicted receiving an award for the conquest in the carving on the side of the arch. He removed every stone of the temple to extract gold that melted during an intense fire set to kill resisting Jews inside. Jesus had predicted that not one stone would be left upon another.

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Real Estate Photography in Temecula - Temecula Homes For Sale

Real Estate Photography in Temecula - Temecula Homes For Sale

Plenty of nice - not the abandoned kind - properties are still on the market, Temecula Homes for Sale. These need special attention and promotion to stand out from the hundreds of REOs.

Contact me for photography, composite video and marketing ideas.


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Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Like Falling Down The Stairs

It's Like Falling Down The Stairs

Making a few changes in my Wordpress blog and then changing my mind set off a chain reaction I won't want to repeat - ever again.

I decided it might be better for SEO to use text URLs instead of the "out of the box" default numbered URL structure of Wordpress.

That was bad enough, but then after realizing that Twitter converts those long URLs to TinyURL format, I changed it back.

My punishment was a swift slap, or more like smackdown by Google on all my new content including that from blogger and any other site Google identified as mine. The Googlebot visits my sites just as often as before but nothing, not the smallest entry gets indexed. This, after nearly everything I wrote was indexed.

I hope this changes soon.

It seems like the change was just too much too fast but Google's response seems retaliatory since my other blogs and sites got drawn into the disfavor as well.

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This experience has been much like falling down the stairs. If you don't break a bone, it still hurts for a long time and recovery seems nearly impossible for what started as an unintentional error.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Has Google Partially Sandboxed Me? Dave Keys

It seems that I'm in the sandbox. Anything I did up to a few days ago remains indexed, but ever since I changed the permalink format in my wordpress blog, everything I write there as well as any blogs where I referred to it, has been completely ignored. Not that I changed anything else like the frequency of my blogs or the relative content - just the link structure. Worse yet, I changed my mind and changed it back to numbered URLs. Now it seems I'm banned from submitting anything new until when...? I have no clue. Since it isn't just one site, but all my sites, I think Google is punishing me.

Oh yeah, I changed another site completely, making wordpress the front end. Is Google being just a little overreactive?


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Temecula Web Design and SEO

Posted another wordpress entry on Dave Keys WP site. This targets SEO and web design in Temecula. The message is a call to action ie. I'm here because I want to be. Shouldn't you?

Google hasn't indexed me yet. I tweaked my sitemap about 4 times just to end up using short urls again so I could post them on Twitter unchanged.

This may prime the pump again.

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Need my original site? Visit Dave Keys

Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Kapalua Pic and Its Original

Editing done in Picasa's native editor. 

Step 1. Use Focal B&W filter. It removes color except in one defined spot. Nice effect that would take a little longer in Photoshop.

Step 2. Graduated Tint with no color. This is also a shortcut compared to how you'd do it in photoshop.

Step 3. Adjust "Shadows" setting in lighting controls.


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Kapalua Sunset

Nice sunset in Kapalua 2006

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I like the template on this blog for Temecula Wedding Photography, but not enough to use it on a main site.


Wedding Photography Temecula

Posted on WN for Wedding Photography


Friday, June 05, 2009

Riverside Homes for Sale

Did I already do this post for Riverside Homes for Sale for Brandy? I'm doing it again. We may as well get that blog well indexed. 

Dave Keys SEO
Orange County | Riverside County

Balloon Festival in Temecula

Just posted for Jane Grant re: balloon festival in Temecula

Posted event info including Music and the Glow event. I plan to photograph it from Weathertop.


Jane Grant

Jane Grant

Jane Grant has moved her blog from .net to .biz. would not release the domain to her. Those guys are really aggressively monetizing every aspect of their platform. I expect wannanetwork will take them down in the 3rd round.


Temecula Web Design Support

The Be DISCOVERED FIRST blog is doing well for Temecula Web Design. This is just to give it a little more push.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Monday, June 01, 2009

adjusted Wichita Homes for Sale post on Larry's site

wichita homes for sale is the keyword. I added title and alt tags. Let's see how that affects things.

Wichita Homes for Sale by Larry Lane 


Posted a second time on laneteam

Posted regarding pressure is off on buyers and sellers


Larry Lane

New post on laneteamhomes site Wichita Homes and summer symphonies