Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Like Falling Down The Stairs

It's Like Falling Down The Stairs

Making a few changes in my Wordpress blog and then changing my mind set off a chain reaction I won't want to repeat - ever again.

I decided it might be better for SEO to use text URLs instead of the "out of the box" default numbered URL structure of Wordpress.

That was bad enough, but then after realizing that Twitter converts those long URLs to TinyURL format, I changed it back.

My punishment was a swift slap, or more like smackdown by Google on all my new content including that from blogger and any other site Google identified as mine. The Googlebot visits my sites just as often as before but nothing, not the smallest entry gets indexed. This, after nearly everything I wrote was indexed.

I hope this changes soon.

It seems like the change was just too much too fast but Google's response seems retaliatory since my other blogs and sites got drawn into the disfavor as well.

gekko maui 0612

This experience has been much like falling down the stairs. If you don't break a bone, it still hurts for a long time and recovery seems nearly impossible for what started as an unintentional error.

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