Monday, September 28, 2009

In Drydock for Creativity

Maybe it's because I've got the same pain in my back I've had for the last month. Lack of "core" exercises or just crappy genetics? I have a muscle that just won't quit hurting. Maybe it's too much sitting in front of the laptop. Sitting jobs are probably unnatural but they're still more popular than most unskilled labor. I'm in a brain freeze here. I thought maybe just writing at random would loosen up the creative juices. We'll see...

I saw that Obama wants to lengthen both school terms and school days. I wonder how the teachers are going to get paid? Most states are looking for ways to cut teacher salaries already. The Japanese and Europeans that are whipping our honor students go to school less hours than us already.

If people read this, then they're probably lagging in creativity too.

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