Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sleepy In Starbucks

It's 93 degrees and humid from a far-off hurricane. The California summer slowly wanes with its typical wildfires and schools gearing back up. Gmail was down for over 1/2 hour but the concept of cloud computing is simply proven- all my email, including that which arrived while the interface was temporarily down, is there. I continued working on other things and even checked the email via another interface.

I didn't have to call Tech support or the IT department. They were on the problem before I even knew it existed. It didn't matter what time it was... I didn't have to wait for someone to show up at the office or respond to a trouble ticket and assign it to a tech. It was simply back up- maintaining a 99.9% uptime with apologies to everyone.

Yeah, Gmail isn't under my control at all. Isn't that nice?

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