Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Water Under The Bridge and Duck

Taken the same day as the ducks in Orange County Photography on my other blog re: Anaheim Ducks It was a walk in the park that morning, literally, while most of the ducks napped in the early morning sun, I snapped a few photos. A few of the ducks and geese kept vigil with at least one eye open while their companions slept in.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

JC Penny Has Been Pushing Their Move For A Long Time

I just read that JC Penny will no longer publish their twice a year "big book" catalog. Now this explains something I had found nearly inexplicable before. You see, JCP had obtained my email address years ago. I had bought some shoes. Actually, over time I've bought quite a bit from their clothing line. Then, with no change in my buying habits, JCP started sending me emails like machine-gun fire, at least once a week and sometimes more often. Usually, I didn't respond enough even to delete it. Once per week in my email flow, isn't enough to get disturbed over. I just wondered what the tact was. Some people, I thought, would get completely annoyed by getting spammed by JCP. We all know who they are. They seem rather amateurish in their online communication methods. I visited their website for the first time today. HUGE SALE reads the main graphic along with "joy of giving" and "free shipping" all on an aspx page which means Microsoft servers. JCP is seeming a little bit stodgy to me. Oh yes, there is a link to "follow us on Facebook" but really, who...?

JCP's site features a photograph of a "family" that reflects the ultimate in PC/MC timidity. The Mom, Dad and daughter characters are all so racially ambiguous that you can't really tell from what cultural group they hail- the blended universal race of 2090 I guess. Not that I care, but JCP's attempt to be all things to all people makes them look more like Allianz than a retailer. In my world, we have people that look like these characters but we also have black, Asian, hispanic, white, Polynesian and more. What's JCP's point?

Then, on a whim I visited the Sears website. Full blown Web 2.0 with easy navigation and content rich. I'd read somewhere like WSJ that Sears had really taken their advertising strategies by the horns and their public by storm in a plunging economy to boot.

JCP's site has a clean looking Apple style menu bar at the top but when you mouseover menu items, the result is something like a dying Mario Brothers character.

I'll still shop at JCP but not at all because of their online communication efforts; rather despite that.

Probably the most amusing thing about the JCP website is the copyright notice in the site footer. Don't worry, JCP, the risk of your site being stolen is low.

Gmail Screenshot: JCP messages

Orange County Photography

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

HMB Shade Plants

Half Moon Bay, October 2009. I posted several pictures of shade plants I took at a nursery on my main site, Orange County Photography. Half Moon Bay is in Northern CA, not in Orange County. It's situated on the coast about 60 miles from San Francisco.

Although the Bay Area is known for its foggy weather, I've been lucky enough for every trip I've made to Half Moon Bay to be pleasant and memorable.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Orange County Photography

Must be a new tradition. Tyler dancing with the red socks at Bethany's wedding.

Location Muckenthaler, Fullerton, CA - Orange County
Photographer Dave Keys

Photography in Orange County and Temecula Valley for Weddings, Family Events and real estate.

Orange County Photography

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Six Gun Tilo In Old Town

Tilo takes a stand in Old Town Temecula in the October heat. Visiting from chilly Berlin, Germany, Tilo and Katrin enjoyed the timely October temps in the 100s before returning to the cold homeland.

Orange County Photography

Venetian Taxis

Just outside San Marcos Cathedral and the Belltower, gondolas await the eager visitor who wants a quick ride across the canal or a leisurely tour of Venice. It all depends on the investment.

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Checkpoint Charlie

Taken in 2001. Where freedom once was barred and blocked, now a museum stands in remembrance of those who tried and often failed but sometimes succeeded in escaping from oppression into a free life.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Baby Touch-up

This photograph was taken perhaps 1 exposure setting low, maybe not even that much but several steps were taken.
1. removed a tiny dried something under one eye
2. used the surface blur filter with about 60% fill and opacity.
3. used a high pass filter with soft light and layer mask then brushed in eyes at about 85%.
4. Did some level adjustments with a gradient mask.

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Green Parrots in Fullerton

I'm told these parrots migrate through here at this time of year, although it seems to me like stragglers are here all year.

Orange County Photography

By one of Orange County Photographers, Dave Keys