Tuesday, December 29, 2009

iPhoto Hates My Filing Practices

I posted about iPhoto and its absolute hoarding of file data, even if you prevent it from actually importing the original photos. It maintains its own file structure so that if you move a folder, it erupts in protest next time you try to access the pictures. This is understandable enough, but you can't educate it. You can trash the iPhoto version but it still remembers it was there and complains, even when you're trying to import the new locaiton. Of course, all your modifications get trashed. Good reason to stick with Photoshop for that.

Here's the post at the blog Google isn't speaking to right now. The Dave Keys fun Blog Post on iPhoto

Monday, December 21, 2009

Maui Again | Whale Watch 2006

Just another glimpse of warm weather for all the people in chilly climates. Even our Southern CA is chilly compared to this January whale watch in Maui where the temps were, as usual, in the low 80s. We have some whales off the coast of Orange County too but Maui is much more spectacular.

Orange County Photography

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

All These CHP For This Little Person

A few months ago I took a trip up the 5 freeway to SF Bay. Somewhere past Castaic, I was passed by cop after cop after cop. Cars, trucks and motorcycles with lights flashing made their way past the now congested traffic toward the event that was holding the rest of us up. Much to my surprise, the event was simply the arrest of the small woman shown below. Go figure. She must have been a real threat.

Orange County Photography

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