Sunday, July 11, 2010

Something About Admirals Cove

I grew up in Florida, but it was central Florida; it had hot humid summers, and it seemed that winters always brought plenty of miserable drafts down from the north to chill us thin-blooded kids to the bone. I doubt I'd make much fuss over it now, as much as the inescapable humidity. I revisited in March of 06 and it was rather pleasant, but I knew that I was enjoying what was actually the last breath of winter. There are plenty of lakes, and even the intracostal where you could, with enough fuel, travel by boat all the way to Lake Okochobee, hundreds of miles to the south. Nevertheless, central Florida is still a mixed bag of urban development, abandoned phosphate mines, communities unchanged over decades with aging homes and sleepy, out of the way places that swelter and shiver year in and year out.

Another place exists to the south. You can get a taste of it on the coasts of central Florida where development keeps fair pace and weather is tempered by the ocean or the gulf. But the real treat comes as you move down to what are truly sub-tropics between Jupiter and Key West. The foliage changes, the water takes on that Caribbean hue and the weather mis-behaves far less frequently. Here is Admirals Cove, a very upscale community that perfectly blends the convenience of money with the natural settings of the Florida tropics. The biggest feature of Admirals Cove is its open feel. With six miles of meandering intracostal and ten minutes from the beach, the community is comprised of spacious homes and spacious as well as platinum quality facilities that are so well maintained that it all feels, well, effortless.

The homeowners enjoy back yard docks that allow full-sized yachts to be tooled around in the waterways, or taken out to sea. Should you be fortunate enough to live at Admirals Cove or be a guest there, a constant bevy of opportunities for recreation and dining surround you. Golfing, full service treatments at the spa, tennis and fine dining. Still, words can't capture the essence of a place like costal south Florida.

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